Hommage a Manu Dibango – Tribute to Manu Dibango

Hommage a Manu Dibango – Tribute to Manu Dibango

PARIS, June 22, 2021. / gabrielsluxblog/–

The African Diaspora was commemorating the world reknowed artist and Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango this Tuesday June 22, 2021.

The ceremony held at the Eglise de la Madeleine in Paris 8th District, was organized under the high patronage of His Excellency H.E Andre Magnus Ekoumou Cameroon’s ambassador to France, representing the President of Cameroon was very moving. The Icon Manu Dibango had been swept away by Covid-19 1 year earlier, on March 24, 2020.

An inter-religious ceremony with an Imam, a Pastor and a Priest was held with the emotion was palpable when the choirs sang one of his hit songs « sangho Yesus Christo » meaning our father jesus christ, drawing tears to family and friends and some 1000 people from the diaspora, who came to pay a tribute to « Grand Manu » as called by Cameroonians with affection. Among the distinguish guests, the Secretary general of La Francophonie Louise Mushikiwabo, and Arnaud Ngatcha, Deputy Mayor in charge of international relations and francophonie representing the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo

 » We were all emotional, this tribute to Manu Dibango, this immense artist that Paris loves. I am very happy today on behalf of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, to have been able to pay tribute to him on behalf of the city of Paris » _ said Arnaud Ngatcha, Paris’s Deputy Mayor of International Relations and Francophonie.

The ceremony was very festive despite the sadness. « There was both emotion and joy; people were singing because Manu would have loved it. He was a very happy person » said a guest. During the keynote address, S.E.M. André Magnus Ekoumou, Cameroon’s Ambassador to France, stressed the importance of recognizing Manu Dibango, an artist who served his country with patriotism, love and devotion.

 » All cameroonians are celebrating Manu Dibango at the moment, and the President of Cameroon would like the diaspora to be as authentic as the patriarch Manu was.  » added H.E ambassador Andre Magnus Ekounou.

About Manu

« Tonton Manu » was posthumously elevated to the rank of « Grand Cordon » of Cameroonian merit by the Cameroon Head of State through his representative Ambassador Andre Magnus Ekounou.

Emmanuel « Manu » Dibango was born in Douala, Cameroon in 1933. His father, Michel Manfred N’Djoké Dibango, was a civil servant, and his mother was a fashion designer, running her own small business. He was a member of the seminal Congolese rumba group African Jazz and has collaborated with many other musicians, including Fania All Stars, Fela Kuti, Herbie Hancock, King Sunny Adé, Don Cherry, and Sly and Robbie. He achieved a considerable following in the UK with a disco hit called « Big Blow », originally released in 1976 and re-mixed as a 12″ single in 1978 on Island Records. In 1998, he recorded the album CubAfrica with Cuban artist Eliades Ochoa. At the 16th Annual Grammy Awards in 1974, he was nominated in the categories Best R&B Instrumental Performance and Best Instrumental Composition for « Soul Makossa ».[1

The song « Soul Makossa » on the record of the same name contains the lyrics « makossa », which means « (I) dance » in his native tongue, the Cameroonian language Duala. It has influenced popular music hits, including Kool and the Gang’s « Jungle Boogie ». On 24 March 2020, Dibango died from COVID-19 in Melun near Paris. May his soul « makossa » rest in Peace.

Angele Ventugol Onyie MBA, MPA, MS, is a multi awarded Sr. International Consultant in Public Affairs, Global Communications and International Development. She is a SDG’s Advocate and the Luxury expert. She write about her work, passion and everything she love. Angele own an MBA in Management & Marketing, a MPA in Public Administration and a MS. in Political Sciences. She is also a TV Producer & Host of the multicultural show THE Princess Angele Show.


By Angele V. Onyie

Africa Day Celebration
Africa Day 2017 Celebration. New York.
New York, May 26, 2021 – Africa Day Celebration – African Union

Theme “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa we Want”.

The AU was celebrating the Africa Day this year on May 25, 2021. Theme : “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa we Want”. The Africa Day this year is very special because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as all organizations, institutions and African countries are marking the date. Africa Day, also known as African Unity Day, is celebrated in commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the precursor to the African Union (AU), on this day in 1963. This day is the opportunity for people from all backgrounds to showcase their diversity and celebrate their difference globally. This is also the opportunity highlight cultural contribution of the African Diaspora in New York and Worldwide.

Celebrating Arts, Culture and Cultural Heritage.

H.E. Ambassador TETE Antonio, Head, Permanent Observer of the African Union to the United Nations.

2021 theme : “Arts, Culture and Heritage: Levers for Building the Africa we Want”. means a lot for me, as my very 1rst Africa Day in New York was build under this same theme. I was not only honored to be among the distinguish speakers of this event, representing UNAMA’s President, but also, I had successfully negotiated in person with H.E Ambassador TETE Antonio, the former Permanent Representative of African Union to the United Nations in New York, the UNAMA Fashion Show that I was also coordinating. This have been a tremendous experience and a great memory that I have the pleasure to share with you now to continue to stress the importance of Fashion, Culture and our cultural Heritage. (You can read my letter to H.E TETE Antonio here)

Africa Day 2017

This yearly event was organized at the Manhattan Center in New York by the African Union (AU) in partnership with UPF (Universal Peace Federation ) the United Nations Ambassadors Spouses Group (UNAASG) on May 25, 2017.

Mrs Amina J. Mohammed Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Panelist

The program was opened by the permanent observer of the African Union to the United Nations, H.E. Ambassador Tete Antonio, who seized the opportunity to express a warm thank you to all the participants and organizers for creating this festive party. The vice president of The Universal Peace Federation UPF Vice President Mr. Taj Hamad, who has been a key person for the organization of this event for years, was referred as the “icon of Africa Day” . UPF is an international and interreligious network of individuals and organizations, is dedicated to achieving world peace.

Mr. Taj Hamad, UPF Vice President Panelist

H.E Ambassador Tete Antonio speaking on behalf of Mr. Moussa Faki, Chair African Union Commission, conveyed a message of “unity, embracing our youth and ending marginalization of Africa.” H.E. Mamadi Touré, the permanent representative of Guinea to the UN, declared that Africa has all the resources needed and, with a united commitment to “our common values and destiny,” Africa’s emergence is entirely possible.

H.E. Mamadi Touré, the permanent representative of Guinea to the UN Panelist

The other distinguished speakers included Mrs, Amina J. Mohammed, Under Secretary General to the UN, Madame Elise Andrianarivelo, the president of UNAASG and the wife of the permanent representative of Madagascar to the UN; and H.E. Marcel Amon Tanoh, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and international Cooperation of Cote D’Ivoire.

Madame Elise Andrianarivelo, the president of UNAASG Panelist

The United Nations African Mothers Association (UNAMA) was also part of this event, as sponsor of the Fashion Show.  » I was proud to successful negotiate this partnership on behalf of Unama, and I thank H.E Ambassador TETE Antonio to take time in his busy schedule to meet me. African Fashion is part of our Cultural Heritage and we must protect it » said Angele Ventugol Onyie, Unama’s Communications Chair of Communications and Show Director, speaking on behalf of Mrs Tommo Therese UNAMA’s President and spouse of the Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the United Nations, and member of UNAASG. The program was followed by a buffet of meals cooked by ambassador’s spouses, and live entertainment and a dancing party.

Mrs. Angele Ventugol Onyie, CEO GABRIEL’S Global Consulting – UNAMA Board Member, Chair of Communications – Panelist.

Mariage de Luxe et Branding. Luxury Weddings et Branding

Mariage de Luxe et Branding.     Luxury Weddings et Branding

Ou comment promouvoir sa marque par le biais d’évenements ciblés. (In French & English) – By Angèle Ventugol Onyie.

A 650.000 Gold sequins dress with 150.000 Swarovski pieces.

Mariage de luxe, Mariage extraordinaire de 2019: Elie Saab Junior, le fils du célèbre Fashion designer Libanais Elie Saab, s’est marié avec Christina Mourad au Liban le 20 juillet dernier dans les montagnes de Faqra au Liban.

Des robes à couper le souffle!

4 robes avec plus de 1 million de pailletes d’or, déssinées par Elie Saab Sr. Himself.

Dans la soirée, Christina Mourad a porté une robe bustier inspirée de la collection haute couture Elie Saab automne / hiver 2019-2020. La robe rose et or beige portait un jupon et une traîne de 3,5 mètres de long ornée de 650 000 paillettes d’or et de 150 000 pièces de Swarovski.

1200 invités triés sur le volet, dont plusieurs célébrités. Une céremonie de Pré-mariage avait eu lieu le 18 juillet dernier au Plateau de Bakish, le 1er eco- village du Liban.

Mariage, Marketing du Luxe & Branding

Ce mariage a été qualifié de  » l’un des mariages les plus extraordinaires de l’année ». Excellent « Coup marketing » de la part de Elie Saab qui illustre parfaitement le pouvoir des événements pour booster la visibilité et les ventes d’une marque quelle qu’elle soit.

Notre agence de Communication Globale GABRIEL’S Private & Luxury communique beaucoup par le biais d’événements car ils ont un impact immédiat sur les cibles privilégiées. Les invités qui prennent le temps de se déplacer pour assister à votre évenement son vos prospects ( futurs clients); si le Chargé de Relations Publiques fait bien son travail en choisissant la bonne cible, une partie de ces prospects pourront être convertis rapidement en clients. De plus, l’évenement booste le capital confiance car les invités mettent un visage sur votre nom, et découvrent en même temps vos produits et services dans une ambiance conviviale. Je ne vous cache pas que 30% de nos clients sont acquis par ce canal et 60% par recommandations.

Elie SAAB l’a bien compris! Non seulement il habille sa belle-fille de robes de mariées sublimes dont lui seul a le secret, mais en plus, il en profite pour promouvoir sa collection Automne-Hiver auprès de sa cible privilégiée* (les 1200 invités triés sur le volet). Qui dit mieux? Bravo Elie Saab!👏👏👏

Luxury Weddings!

Ellie Saab Jr. and Christina Mourad Luxury Wedding. Just Amazing!

Elie Saab Junior the son of the famous Lebanese Fashion designer Elie Saab married Christina Mourad in Lebanon last July 20, 2019.
In the evening, Christina Mourad wore a bustier dress that was inspired by the Elie Saab haute couture fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection.

The gold and beige rosé dress had a petticoat and a 3.5- meter-long trail that was decorated with 650,000 gold sequins and 150,000 Swarovski pieces. A Pré-wedding Ceremony was helded at the Plateau de Bakish, the 1rst ECO Village in Lebanon (Source Vogue)

Weddings, Luxury Marketing and Branding.

This wedding was qualified as one of the most incredible wedding of 2019.

Excellent « marketing shot » by Elie Saab that perfectly illustrates the power of events to boost the visibility and sales of any brand.

Our Global Communication agency GABRIEL’S Private & Luxury Services communicates often through events. In the United States, much more than France and elsewhere, companies use this style of communication to earn and retain customers. Business works with trust and recommendations, and events allows the customers to discover your products and services, and put a face on a name in a friendly atmosphere.

More generally, guests who attend your events are prospects, and potentially interested in your products and services. Elie SAAB understood it! While designing amazing dresses for his daughter-in-law, he was also showcasing its next Fall-Winter 2019 collection to his target audience (the 1200 selected guests). Well done Elie SAAB Sr. 👏👏👏

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