Hommage a Manu Dibango – Tribute to Manu Dibango

Hommage a Manu Dibango – Tribute to Manu Dibango

PARIS, June 22, 2021. / gabrielsluxblog/–

The African Diaspora was commemorating the world reknowed artist and Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango this Tuesday June 22, 2021.

The ceremony held at the Eglise de la Madeleine in Paris 8th District, was organized under the high patronage of His Excellency H.E Andre Magnus Ekoumou Cameroon’s ambassador to France, representing the President of Cameroon was very moving. The Icon Manu Dibango had been swept away by Covid-19 1 year earlier, on March 24, 2020.

An inter-religious ceremony with an Imam, a Pastor and a Priest was held with the emotion was palpable when the choirs sang one of his hit songs « sangho Yesus Christo » meaning our father jesus christ, drawing tears to family and friends and some 1000 people from the diaspora, who came to pay a tribute to « Grand Manu » as called by Cameroonians with affection. Among the distinguish guests, the Secretary general of La Francophonie Louise Mushikiwabo, and Arnaud Ngatcha, Deputy Mayor in charge of international relations and francophonie representing the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo

 » We were all emotional, this tribute to Manu Dibango, this immense artist that Paris loves. I am very happy today on behalf of the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, to have been able to pay tribute to him on behalf of the city of Paris » _ said Arnaud Ngatcha, Paris’s Deputy Mayor of International Relations and Francophonie.

The ceremony was very festive despite the sadness. « There was both emotion and joy; people were singing because Manu would have loved it. He was a very happy person » said a guest. During the keynote address, S.E.M. André Magnus Ekoumou, Cameroon’s Ambassador to France, stressed the importance of recognizing Manu Dibango, an artist who served his country with patriotism, love and devotion.

 » All cameroonians are celebrating Manu Dibango at the moment, and the President of Cameroon would like the diaspora to be as authentic as the patriarch Manu was.  » added H.E ambassador Andre Magnus Ekounou.

About Manu

« Tonton Manu » was posthumously elevated to the rank of « Grand Cordon » of Cameroonian merit by the Cameroon Head of State through his representative Ambassador Andre Magnus Ekounou.

Emmanuel « Manu » Dibango was born in Douala, Cameroon in 1933. His father, Michel Manfred N’Djoké Dibango, was a civil servant, and his mother was a fashion designer, running her own small business. He was a member of the seminal Congolese rumba group African Jazz and has collaborated with many other musicians, including Fania All Stars, Fela Kuti, Herbie Hancock, King Sunny Adé, Don Cherry, and Sly and Robbie. He achieved a considerable following in the UK with a disco hit called « Big Blow », originally released in 1976 and re-mixed as a 12″ single in 1978 on Island Records. In 1998, he recorded the album CubAfrica with Cuban artist Eliades Ochoa. At the 16th Annual Grammy Awards in 1974, he was nominated in the categories Best R&B Instrumental Performance and Best Instrumental Composition for « Soul Makossa ».[1

The song « Soul Makossa » on the record of the same name contains the lyrics « makossa », which means « (I) dance » in his native tongue, the Cameroonian language Duala. It has influenced popular music hits, including Kool and the Gang’s « Jungle Boogie ». On 24 March 2020, Dibango died from COVID-19 in Melun near Paris. May his soul « makossa » rest in Peace.

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Goodbye Sergio Rossi

Goodbye Sergio Rossi

Bonjour a vous!

J’espere que vous allez bien, pendant cette période de confinement, moi j’essaie de « gérer ». Je sors de ma torpeur « Coronavirusienne » pour rendre hommage à un grand monsieur de la mode et du Luxe Durable, le célèbre designer de chaussure Italien Sergio Rossi​ décédé ce Jeudi à 84 ans, emporte par le Covid-19. ( Read the English version below)

Né en 1935 en Italie a San Mauro Pascoli (Romagne)Sergio Rossi a hérité son savoir faire de son père cordonnier de son état qui possédait une usine à San Mauro Pascoli en 1951. Il fait ses classes à l’atelier de son père, en fabriquant des sandales pendant l’hiver, qu’il vend ensuite sur les plages de Rimini pendant l’été, puis quelques années plus tard, son modele « Opanca » devennant populaire, il réussit à le placer dans certaines boutiques en Bologne. Il produira en 1968 sa première collection des chaussures signées en son nom.

Oui, Des chaussures peuvent faire la différence!

Comme plusieurs marques de luxe, La maison Rossi s’est engagée dans la lutte contre le COVID-19 et en faisant une donation de $100.000 à l’hopital de ASSR Fatebenfratelli – Sacco a Milan et a lancé un challenge à toutes les femmes qui (comme moi) ont aime porter ses chaussures au fil du temps. Entre le 14 et le 20 Mars 2020, 100% des bénéfices réalisés sur SergioRossi.com ont été reversés pour soutenir la lutte contre Covid-19. Une chaussure peut faire la différence. #ShoesMakeAdifference.

Sergio Rossi était aussi un fervent défenseur du Luxe Durable, prônant un travail de qualité, artisanal et durable dans la protection de l’environnement et la Responsabilité Sociale. On se souviendra de lui pour ces chaussures de grande qualité, élégantes et confortables et « DURABLES » et ses bottes en stretch habillant gracieusement tout type de jambes. J’ai découvert Sergio Rossi en cherchant une paire bottes « portables », confortable et chic, pour ma pointure 41 1/2, et je me souviens avoir gardé une paire de ces bottes miraculeuses pendant des années. Paix a son ame. Decouvrez son heritage ici
Vous pouvez aussi visionner cette vidéo du tournage de la publicité de sa fameuse collection de chaussures SS’11. Video credit The Scene​.

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Goodbye Sergio Rossi!

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are doing well during this period of confinement. By my end, I’m trying to adjust and keep going. Today, would like to pay tribute to a great man, the famous Italian shoe designer Sergio Rossi who died this thursday at 84 years old, took away by the Covid-19.

Born in 1935 in Italy in San Mauro Pascoli (Romagna) Sergio Rossi inherited his know-how from his father, a shoemaker, who owned a factory in San Mauro Pascoli in 1951.
As many other Luxury Brands, Rossi was committed to the fight against COVID-19. He made a donation of $ 100,000 to the ASSR Fatebenfratelli – Sacco hospital in Milan, and launched a challenge to all women (like me) who liked wearing his shoes over the years, and between March 14 to March 20, 2020, 100% of proceeds made on SergioRossi.com were donated to support the fight against Covid-19. A shoe can make a difference. # ShoesMakeAdifference

Sergio Rossi was also fighting for « Sustainable Luxury » with quality and artisanal excellence, while fostering Environmental protection and Social Responsibility (SR). We will remember him for these high quality, elegant and comfortable shoes and stretch boots . I discovered Sergio Rossi looking for a pair of « wearable » and chic boots, for my 11 and 1/2 size, and I remember that I kept these miraculous boots for years. May he rest in peace.

Discover its heritage here, and the Making of SS’11 Shoes Collection Video credit The Scene​.

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