Is Charity as a new marketing tool?

In case you missed it! Once again, and for the 3rd consecutive year, I was called last April to support United Nations efforts. This year, with my team, we are helping raise funds and secure major gifts for the United Nations International Bazaar, a yearly fundraising event well attended by Ambassadors, UN missions and staff, as well as visitors from US and abroad. The Bazaar 2019 will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York  on June 6,2019, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM under the High Patronage of Mrs Catarina Vaz Pinto Guterres, Spouse of the UN Secretary General António Guterres.

United Nations International Bazaar 2018
Mrs Catarina Vaz Pinto Guterres, Patron, Spouse of the UN Secretary General António Guterres (in Black at the left ) and the UNIB2018 Planning Committee.

At the UN Bazaar 2017 I was representing Cameroon, and this same day in the evening I was Coordinating the Fashion Show and speaking at the African Union Africa Day, an annual Celebration aiming to commemorate Africa, held at the Manhattan Center in New York. – In 2018, I was member of the UN Bazaar planning committee as Chair of Program & External Relations Chair, and co-chair of Communications. In this role, I oversaw the program (planning, coordination, relations with the UN Senior Officials, Protocol, speaking opportunities, marketing, social medias, and collateral material, as well as help with major gifts and more… the head with a turban at the bottom it’s me), and desingned and implement the opening and losing ceremonies.

What I was must proud of? I successful created and launched the 1rst ever live entertainments at the Bazaar 2018, managing and coordinating 25 artists and 4 volunteers from 4 continents. The hardest part was Relationships with Senior Officials of the United Nations and follow up with the invitations and the protocol. It was a great success! Non only I was awarded at the UN for « Invaluable Help for the Program » but also I received a « Flower » by Mrs. Amina Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary General. Great work lead recognition, succes and trust. to trust. Don’t miss my next article on  » How to build trustful relationships with C-Level» 

Charity is the new form of Branding!

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been involved in charity projects for more than 25 years; first as volunteer, then as the founder and President of the French non profit ONG SOLI’CITES . and now as Marketing Sr. Consultant.

You’ll be surprise to see how people are positively influenced by brands who are involved in Charity projects. As Fundraiser Expert, I had the opportunity to ask to more than 200 donors and companies why the wanted to help charities this is what they said.

  1. They like the cause
  2. It makes them feel good!
  3. Personal values and beliefs
  4. They trust the organization
  5. Taxes

As you can see, taxes are the last reason but not the least :-)) Most people think that big foundations or wealthy people give for taxes, but that is a misconception. For working as adviser and fundraiser since many years and in different countries and continents, I know that reasons why people give are more profound, even if taxes reasons are not to be avoided because they are determining when they can give.

Donate Photo by from Pexels

Why Give?

“Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege.” ―John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Today, it’s crucial that all brands and corporations exercise responsibility. With the proceeds of a fundraising organized with friends and volunteers in Corsica (France), we built the CENTRE MEDICAL LE BON SAMARITAIN DE YAOUNDE, a small Health Center in Cameroon, Yaoundé, for the less privileged, and they can have now treatments with quite no money.

Recently, a number of Luxury Automotive brands have stepped up to sponsor charity events: Automaker Mercedes-Benz celebrated its 125th anniversary by planting 125 trees in New Orleans City Park in an effort to help support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts (see story), Maserati raffled off 400 tickets at $1,000 each for a GranTourismo Convertible in support of the Columbus Citizens Foundation’s scholarship program, Ford Foundation disperses $2 million annually to qualifying students from the elementary to graduate school level (see story). In 2016, Louis Vuitton partners with UNICEF to support the most vulnerable children around the world. The aim of this global partnership is to raise funds for UNICEF and help support children that are exposed to conflicts, diseases, natural disasters and other situations that threaten their safety and well-being and Luxury fashion brands like Dior, Chanel, Versace and more are all involve in causes and work had to improve other people lives.


« Being involved in a cause that consumers support heightens a brand image. According to a study by Cone Inc., 85 percent of consumers have a better image of a brand if it is aligned with a cause or philanthropy »

Why GABRIEL’S is involved in causes?

 » Doing good is GOOD » and we are all drives by our ‘Why’s ». Our company GABRIEL’S Private & Luxury Services has always been involved in charity and causes. Donate to a charity is a mood booster! Helping and Empowering others make you happier and can be rewarding in many ways. You can change a life just with small « Acts of random kindness ».

Did you know that 42% of people interviewed agreed the enjoyment they receive from giving as a key influence, and 96% said they felt they had a moral duty to use what they had to help others, a sentiment very much rooted in their personal values and principles? We like to feel we are changing people’s lives! We feel fortunate and want to give back to others. GIVE Now! Send us an email at or contact directly to see how we can help you connect with your audience and heightens your brand image

And you? Why are you giving, or are you involved in causes? We will be delighted to hear your reasons.

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Angele Ventugol Onyie is a multi-award winning accomplished, multilingual executive highly regarded for orchestrating public affairs, communications, and marketing efforts to advance key messages and realize record-breaking growth. She has proven expertise in fostering productive relations, and she is recognized for cross-functional expertise in stakeholder management, program design/management, international relations, and more.  She is the founder of GABRIEL’S Private & Luxury  a Global Communication/video production & Luxury Concierge Services. Angele hold an MBA in Management & Marketing as well as Master of Science degrees with focus on Public Affairs and International Relations.  

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